Three Commencement students smiling

Commencement Checklist


Graduation and Commencement explained

  • Graduation occurs upon approval of your completed degree requirements.
  • Commencement is the ceremony celebrating your graduation with the current graduating class.

Graduation and Commencement



  • Bachelor's and Master's students eligibility
  • Graduation terms eligible for Commencement
  • Only students who have completed or are eligible to complete their degrees and programs in these terms may participate in the commencement ceremony.



Commencement Confirmation

  • Graduates who meet the Commencement Ceremony Eligibility Policy, which includes successfully completing the online degree application and/or approval of the Early Commencement Participation application, are invited to participate in Commencement
  • To confirm your participation, graduates must pick up your graduation regalia and will receive 5 guest tickets
  • Letters of invitation (to Commencement) will be mailed to eligible graduates' permanent addresses during spring recess, March 25–29, 2024